Announcing the death

When a death occurs in the family when natural grief and anxiety weigh heavily upon you. It may be a difficult time to focus on carrying out certain activities or duties. One of those duties may involve preparing an insert [notice] for a local newspaper. This literature has been prepared to assist you. Please find listed

scriptural references, poetic lines, and meaningful quotations. If you wish to insert your own notice please use form below, this will submit to Belfast Telegraph directly, please ensure to check notices for typos etc.


If you need any further assistance, please get in touch.

1. Safe in God’s keeping.


2. Safe in the arms of Jesus.


3. Absent from the body present with the Lord.


4. In life, he lived for those he loved and those he loved remember.


5. The Lord is my Shepherd.


6. The day Thou gavest, Lord, is ended.


7. At home with the Lord.


8. Peace after suffering.


9. Silent thoughts of times together hold memories that will last forever.


10. It’s only good-night dear sister / mother / father etc…


11. God’s garden must be beautiful He only picks the best.


12. Peacefully sleeping.


13. Till we meet again.                                  


14. To know him was to love him.


15. Just as he was he will always be, loving brother in our memory.


16. Love in death should make us see what love in life should really be.


17. No longer here our love to share.


18. God saw her getting weary and cure was not to be, He put his arms around her and whispered come to me.


19. Thy purpose Lord we can not see, but all is well that’s done by Thee.


20. At rest with the Lord.


21. At rest.


22. Tomorrow is promised to no one.


23. In silence he suffered, with patience, he bore, till God called him homeward to suffer no more.


24. You fell asleep with no good-byes but memories of you will never die.


25. Safe in Thy keeping O Lord.


26. You will always be in our thoughts.


27. Our wish is just a simple prayer God bless and keep you in his care.

28. No more suffering, at peace in God’s hands.


29. Peace perfect Peace.


30. Time slips past but memories last.


31. Sweet are the memories silently kept of a mother we loved and will never forget.


32. No farewells were spoken, no time to say good-bye, you were gone before we knew, and only God knows why.


33. Deep in our hearts, your memory is kept, we loved you too dearly to ever forget.


34. Divided hands will clasp again.


35. God called your name so softly that only you could hear, and no-one heard the footsteps of the Angels drawing near. It broke our hearts to lose you but you did not go alone, for apart of us went with you the day God called you home.


36. Treasured memories will keep you near.


37. God has you in His keeping, we have you in our hearts.


38. Will be missed more than words can say.


39. We will never cease to miss you, we will never cease to care. In a special corner of our hearts you will always be there.


40. We who loved you won’t walk away, we’ll be beside you every day.


41. Memories have such loving ways of bringing back the yesterdays.


42. May the winds of love blow on that gentle spot, where our loved one lies never to be forgot.


43. I think of you in silence, and make no outward show, just how much I miss you no-one will ever know.


44. We shared so much together laughter, joy and tears, Now all I have are the memories of all those happy days.


45. Redeemed by the Precious Blood of Christ.


46. With Christ which is far better.


47. Time slips but memories last

48. Two tired hands are resting the voice we loved is still. The one that did so much for us, is resting at God’s will.


49. Gone to join his/her loved ones.


50. Your restless days are over, your sleepless nights are past. God put his arms around you and gave you peace at last.


51. At the rivers crystal brink, Christ shall join each broken link.


52. Worthy of everlasting remembrance.


53. Till we meet on that beautiful shore.


54. Tired and weary you made no fuss, you tried so hard to stay with us. God closed your eyes and gave you rest, for he alone knows what is best.


55. Sweet are the memories, dear is thy name, close to my heart you’ll always remain.


56. We will remember our whole lives through, those last few words we had with you.


57. Resting where no shadows fall.


58. Those we love don’t go away, in our hearts, they will always stay.


59. A smile for all a heart of gold. One of the best this world could hold, never selfish always kind these are the memories you left behind.


60. Peacefully sleeping free from all pain, we wouldn’t awake you to suffer again.